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Chamfering is a difficult task in small areas. A complex chamfer is one of the most useful and high efficiency producing machine. One can use a complex chamfering machine for smoothening of edges at a precise angle. This type of chamfering machine can be opted for materials like marble, glass, and other similar materials. Also, this is user-friendly and provides grip to the user for handling the machinery.

There are major benefits that can be obtained from using the Chamfering machine is that labouring is not required when one can use the Chamfering machine instead of hard work. The cycle of the chamfering machine works rapidly so that the procedure of cutting down the edges of large material/metals like glass, wooden furniture and many more, in a shorter period of time. With the sturdy design of the equipment, the machine can be a reliable source for shaping materials for many years. The machine is preferable by various industries as it has the ability to reduce the labour work-load and can give the fine quality cutting of metals and materials.

1.It’s suitable for reqular and irreqular parts of mechanism or mould.The angle of straight line part can be adjust from 15 degree to 45 degree.
2.It’s easy ,quick to change the cutter, no need to clamp,easy operate perfect chamfering,easy adjust, and economic,suitable for irreqular parts of mechanisms and mould.
3.The angle of straight line part can be adjust from 15 degree to 45 degree.
4.It can instead the CNC maching center and general-purpose machine tools,which can not chamfer. It is convient, fast and accurate and the best choice for chamfering.

Model WH-CF370
Chamfering height 0-3mm (Straight) 0-2.5mm(Curved)
Chamfering angle 15° ~45°[Straight) 45°(Curved)
Power 380V/750W
Speed 8000rpm (Straight) 12000rpm (Curved)
Layout size 600*70mm
Chamfering processing size 0-6mm can adjust 4800rpm
Dimension 53x44x69cm
Weight 75kg
The machine adopt Swedish SKF bearing and imported digital cuttings.







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